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Our aim

Everything we do aims to provide the student with everything they need to become proficient in the target language, while also transmitting its culture and customs and combining it with other activities to make learning a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

We plan the learning objectives in a personalised way, depending on the students’ interests and adapting them to the levels recommended by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) for language learning, teaching and assessment, recommended by the Council of Europe.

Our teachers

Our team is made up of a group of highly qualified native teachers with extensive professional experience. Our teachers combine academic excellence, professionalism, extensive experience and a permanent spirit of innovation in their approach their classes, using the tools provided by new technologies.

Our method

Through a combination of the most modern task-based approach and traditional method, we seek to motivate in order to teach in a fun way, always with the aim of promoting interactive situations in the language being studied. To do this we propose:

  • varied activities
  • goals adapted to the age and level of the students
  • diverse class dynamics: working as an individual, in pairs and in small groups
  • audiovisual media

Our aim is to equip students with the necessary tools to:

  • learn and improve the chosen language
  • help them to reflect on the various socio-cultural aspects of the chosen language

All this without neglecting the individual treatment afforded to each student, ever present in the spirit and philosophy of our school.

Mission, vision and values


At Prestige Idiomas Internacional our mission is to provide our students with the tools to function in a global environment through languages and the development of the intercultural competence implicit in each language.

In order to achieve this, we adapt to the technological and methodological changes that facilitate our students’ learning. We believe in the practice and real use of languages, creating unique experiences thanks to our range of services. We strive to ensure that our actions are designed to respond to the specific needs of our students in order to achieve their objectives, taking into account the different learning rhythms and regulating the appropriate measures for the personalised attention of our students.


  • To consolidate our position as a benchmark in language teaching in our environment by putting quality and attention to the student first.
  • To improve our management and communication procedures, always seeking excellence in the service of our students.
  • To extend the use of new technologies throughout both our teaching and administrative tasks.


  • Transparency: our centre shows itself as it is to the student, displaying all the information from the beginning.
  • Ethics: we always work with respect for others, both for the staff and the students themselves.
  • Quality: our centre always tries to provide the best possible service to our students.
  • Innovation: we promote the continuous improvement of our methodology and the adaptation of new technologies to the classroom environment.
  • Collaboration: we encourage the participation of everyone at our school to achieve a common goal in language teaching.

Our courses

We also offer:

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Why choose Prestige Languages?


For the quality and diversity of our courses

Personal treatment

For the personal treatment of our students


For our comfortable and modern facilities


For the successful results of our students in official exams


For our experience: Thousands of students have trusted in us over the last 29 years


We are an accredited center blablablabla


Since 2015 we have been an accredited center of the Instituto Cervantes, which means complying with the requirements in the field of teaching Spanish as a foreign language specified in the Accreditation System for the quality of ELE centers

Being an Accredited Center shows the commitment of Prestige Idiomas Internacional both to offer quality teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and to improve the quality of our services every day.

Instituto Cervantes

We are a Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam preparation center.

Cambridge English Language Assessment Exam


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