En Prestige International Languages ​​we propose ourselves as mission that our students obtain the tools to function in a global world through languages ​​and ddevelopment of implicit intercultural competence in each language.

To be able to comply with it, we adapt to changes both technolohgicos as a methodohgicos that facilitate the learning of our students. We believe in práethics and the actual use of languages ​​creating experiences úunique thanks to all our services. We are concerned that our actions are aimed at responding to the specific needs of our students in order to achieve their objectives., taking into account the different learning rhythms and regulating adequate measures for the individualized attention of our students.


Our vision as center is:

  • establish ourselves as a benchmark in language teaching in our environment, putting quality and attention to the student first.

  • improve our management and communication procedures, always seeking excellence in service to our students.

  • expand the use of new technologies both for all teaching work and for administrative procedures.


Our values son:

  • transparency: our center shows itself as it is to the student, showing all the informationohn from the beginning.

  • the It'sethics: we always work with respect for the other person, both the workers of the center and the students themselves.

  • the quality: our center always tries to serve our students in the best possible way.

  • innovationohn: we promote the continuous improvement of our methodologyía y la adaptationohn of the new technologiesías al aula.

  • the collaborationohn: we encourage participationohn of all the members of our school to achieve a common objectiveún in the teachingñanza of languages.