Roses and its surroundings

The town of Rosas is located in an ideal place between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea (a 30 km. south of the french border, a 150 km. north of Barcelona). The Greeks settled in Roses in the 8th century BC.. (Rosas is twinned with Rhodes in Greece). Later the Romans colonized the city and started tourism in our region. On the other side of the Bay are the ruins of Empurias where, makes 2000 years, Julius Caesar offered this picturesque area to his soldiers so that they could enjoy their retirement.

Today Rosas is a dynamic town that has 20.000 inhabitants with a large fishing port and a marina. Rosas welcomes visitors who love its beaches (the sea has received the European blue flag in recognition of its cleanliness) the old Ciutadella, its pleasant shopping streets, Sports facilities (nautical sports, golf, tennis, bowling alley) and its many tapas bars and restaurants.

Leisure activities

Rosas also offers a wide range of leisure activities:

You can visit Castellfollit de la Roca, town built on lava. = ESP

The medieval village of Besalú.

Figueras and the Dalí triangle

A 17 kiometres of Rosas is located in Figueras. Located in the extreme northeast of Catalonia and with some 44.000 population, It is the capital of the Alto Ampurdán region and an attractive city for its innumerable shops, restaurants, cafeterias and tapas bars.

Important communications hub, entry and exit gate for all travelers passing through Spain, Figueras offers endless possibilities to its visitors. In any case, Figueras is known worldwide for being the homeland of the brilliant painter Salvador Dalí.. Here we can visit one of the vertices of the Dalinian triangle composed of:

  • Dalí Theatre-Museum in Figueras
  • Salvador Dalí House-Museum in Port LLigat (Cadaqués)
  • Gala Dalí Castle House-Museum in Púbol

To know more :


Gerona, a 60 km from Rosas and capital of the province of the same name, it has the advantages of a great city and the measure of a human city, designed to live and enjoy with its shops, bares, coffee shops, restaurants, museums, monuments. Stroll through its Jewish Quarter or its Walls, visit its Cathedral, discovering its legends or having a drink on a terrace on Las Ramblas is always a pleasant moment.


Barcelona speaks for itself. Barcelona is synonymous with life, joy, fun, song, culture, story, modernity, Modernism, Gaudí, Museums, Ramblas, mar, stores , markets… A true metropolis with style and elegance, with a varied cultural offer, tour, gastronomic and musical.

Just 150 km. of Rosas, Knowing the second city of Spain is a must for all those visitors who come to our region. With a crucial historical past in the history of Spain, The news of our country passes through this beautiful city where everyone feels well received.

Other places of interest

The Romanesque monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes from the 11th century, a 18km.

The ruins of Empuries, a 30 km,

Cadaqués (18 km, true fishing village where Dalí lived. = it

Empuriabrava, a 5 km, known as the Venice of Spain with 30 km of channels.

Pals (medieval village , a 50 km.

La Garrotxa (volcanic region).

You can visit Castellfollit de la Roca, town built on lava. = ESP

The medieval village of Besalú.