Every year at Prestige Idiomas Internacional we do a project, this year it was about making "Advertising Ads”
All of our students have searched, chosen and researched different topics and have worked very well!!! Then each group has defended their project orally, some have presented spectacular videos!!!
One of those who has stood out this year, is he KIDS CORNER PRESTIGE, and they have presented it with all the information from our Academy: the different languages, courses, days and hours per week, prices, activities… Good job girls!!!!

First prize: ?Cancer Foundation Roses
Made by Natalia , Lucia & She

second prize: ?the pen
Made by Tomas

Third prize: ?Ballet school
Made by Valentina & Ariadne

Special prizes: ?Kids corner prestige
Made by mine, Mili & Agnes

?Tour of Roses
Made by Christian , Erika & Thamara

In the university city of Girona, instead, the visit to the historic center made us discover a dynamic and youthful reality, rooted in a very traditional architectural and cultural context.
But most of all, the line of continuity of the entire week of stay was represented by the use of the Spanish language in all the circumstances of the stay. It may seem trivial and superfluous to underline it, but I believe I emphasize the positive performance of the students who, from the beginning, they revealed education, motivation, will, compliance with the rules assigned, collaboration spirit.
If the purpose of the stay was to carry out school alternation activities- work and intensive learning of the Spanish language in a context certified by the Cervantes Institute, the students made the most of the opportunities offered by their stay in Roses. Available and communicating at all times, they were able to interact in relationships with peers and with accompanying teachers, in a joyful and always educating atmosphere.
Prof. Giuseppe Usai

The nearby town of Figueres, birthplace of the artist Salvador Dalì, it was a very important planned destination in the educational and professional offer of the stay in Rosas.
The Dalì theater-museum in Figueres, the largest surrealist object in the world, presents the art of this master in all its fullness; some of his most valuable works are exhibited here, ranging from his first artistic experiences to his latest creations.

2 May 2018 Gabriella Corbo SCHOOL-WORK ALTERNATION
From 8 to 14 April 2018, the week of study and work took place in Roses, organized by the tireless professor De Col, for third classes C and D Turistico , in the Spanish region of Catalonia.
The most qualifying moments of the stay were made, on one side, from daily Spanish language lessons, give her 9 all 13, in separate classes of maximum 12 pupils, with mother tongue teachers, at the International Prestige Idiomas, based in the same Rosas; from another side, The meetings with the workers of the international company Zodiac Milpro were fundamental, leader in the field of inflatable boats, highly specialized in providing professional and military use to armies of different parts of the world e, in the following days, the visit to the Escola de Turisme e Hosteleria in Vilamalla, in which the Director explained to us the aims and the occupational responses on the territory of a school offered to categories of people at risk of early school leaving.
The meeting with the director and the financial manager of the Hotel Ciutadella was also extremely important, who hosted us for the stay. The speakers reconstructed the history of the hotel and provided management elements for both tourism demand and the various management departments, receptionist-room and its economic management.

CLARA : In the French class there is a very good vibes between all. I have learned many words, verbs and conjugations. I understand when the French speak, but I still have a little trouble talking. You have to continue studying at Prestige Idiomas. I really like coming to classes.

GUDYA : Here at Prestige International Languages, it is a school where you learn French very well. The teacher is very respectful and friendly with all the students. We have very good vibes! I am very happy with everything, especially with the teacher because I have learned a lot, when we don't understand something, he repeats it as many times as necessary until we learn it !

JORGE: Makes 4 years I study here, I have learned a lot and it has helped me a lot to pass French in school and now in high school. During this time I have had very good companions, although this year I'm the only boy in the class, but I like it!

MARINA : I really like coming to French at Prestige Idiomas. I really like my teammates. We learn a lot and I like it, I still have a hard time speaking, but I keep studying to improve and have a good conversation. The classes are so much fun!

We are in Prestige Idiomas Internacional for 5 years.

We love English!!!because it’s very interesting and important for our future, We like to come to Prestige to do classes , we have learnt a lot !

Recently we´ve got KET exam, we are very happy because all of us passed the exam !!!

We hope to pass the PET exam too. Our teacher is the best of the world!!!

My name is Evelyne and I am from Belgium.

We are staying in Rosas for the sixth consecutive year and as always we are very satisfied with the reception offered by the school.

dynamic teachers, small friendly groups, a suitable level: a great experience for our students!

“My name is Anita and I am Swiss.

I live in a small town very close to Basel and I work in a pharmaceutical company.
I really love languages ​​and I need them for my work too. For that reason, during my one week vacation here in Roses, I decided to take a few hours of Spanish class. My teacher is Marcela who is a very kind person and she prepares my classes very well and individually..

I can highly recommend Marcela and the Instituto Prestige Idiomas Internacional to learn different languages.
Thank you very much for everything and maybe we'll see you again.

Un saludo muy cordial.

Anita, Swiss.

Nosotros somos Clement, Jeanne y Thibault, we are french, have 13 years and we go to Saint Stanislas school. We live in Nîmes, in France.

It is the second summer that we come to Roses and we study Spanish at Prestigie Idiomas. We like it a lot, it's fun, hacemos juegos y cantamos canciones…

Clement, Jeanne y Thibault, France.

Hola, my name is jeanne, I study Spanish because my grandmother has a house in Spain and because at school we have to choose between Spanish and German, I prefer Spanish because I like it a lot!”


Hola, my name is clement, we have an apartment in Santa Margarita, and we always come on vacation to Spain. Estudio español en Prestigie Idiomas porque me gusta mucho hablar en español.


Hola, my name is thibault, I study Spanish because there is Spanish in my school, porque es fácil y sé que es una buena lengua.


Per què fem Anglès?

Look, Quim and Paquita are two teachers and we are already moving on 50 years.

We had a thorn in our side a long time ago: not knowing English. The older we got, the more we realized that without knowing any English we were wasting many things in life: travel, books, tics (new technologies) movies; but the truth is we will never find the time to start learning it. Until one day, our daughter Marta, also a student of Prestigie Idiomas, it’s going to point us to classes and with a little bit of complex we started.

The truth has been fantastic. We were very lucky to find a lovely teacher, la sra. Mandy, which has made us excited to go to class and I promise you, that now for us, take English classes, in addition, learning is a pleasure.

Moltes gràcies.

Quim i Paquita.

Me llamo Elea, and my name is arnaud, somos franceses y en las vacaciones de verano estudiamos español.

Elena and Arnaud, France.

J´ai vraiment aimé les cours d´Espagnol la prof Maite était très gentille, j´ai beaucoup appris et je la remercie pour tous ces bons moments.


C’est génial notre maîtresse est belle et gentille et on a bien sigolé. I liked it. Et j´ai beaucoup appris.


Me llamo Marjorie, i'm french. Prestigie Idiomas Internacional is a school where I have been coming for two years. Today I can say that these two years were very beneficial. I have learned much more than in a year at home, in France. For me the advantage of coming here is being able to work with Spanish teachers. It is clear that for parents it is a good idea to enroll their children in Prestigie Idiomas, I would tell them to do it. I have never been disappointed in following Spanish classes.

Prestigie Idiomas is a school I have been attending for two years. Today I can say that these two years have been very beneficial. I learned a lot more than in a year at home (and Frrance). For me, the advantage of coming here is being able to work with Spanish teachers. Clear, if as parents you are wondering if it is a good idea to register your children, I can tell you that yes. Je n´ai jamais été déçue d´y aller.

Marjorie, France.

We are Ilya and Adrià, We are learning English because we want to speak it very well, to help us find a job. We want to improve our English to helps us more in school. English is the future!!”

Ilya and Adrià.

Somos Corina y Nastia, We study Spanish because we want to take the official DELE exam. The classes are interesting and fun and although sometimes it is hard to go, Then we always have the feeling that it was worth it!”

Corina and Nastia.

Mi nombre es Victoria y soy rusa. I am studying spanish, Catalan, English and French and the truth is that I am delighted with the school, the classes are helpful and the atmosphere is very nice thank you!”

Victoria, Russia.

Hola, My name is Daniel and I am Spanish. I have always wanted to learn English and now is my best time to do my learning , in a cozy atmosphere like Prestige International Languages, donde además mi hija también está aprendiendo este idioma.

Daniel, Spain.

“During our trip to Cadaqués, my wife and I wanted to improve our Spanish. We attend many Spanish schools in Spain and in cities like Madrid and Barcelona, but the lessons at Prestige Idiomas were the best.”

Jay and Laura Cohen, California (EE.UU.)