The online classes will be taught by the Prestige Idiomas teachers themselves via Skype. Classes can be followed from any location, at any time of day and using any device (tablet, mobile). Our Online methodology is rooted in communicative language teaching, placing the student at the centre of the learning process.

Private classes have a flexible schedule, are taught throughout the year and content is tailored to the specific needs of each student. They are specially suited for those who:

  • Have difficulty adjusting their schedule to a group class
  • Need to prepare for a formal English exam.
  • Require English language study for a specific purpose (business, commercial, English culture)
  • Need to improve their oral proficiency in English for professional, academic or personal reasons.

All this is achieved without the need to access a conventional classroom. We take the classes to wherever the student is. You can have access to materials and resources via the virtual platform from which your teacher will monitor your work through personal tutorials, allowing learning to progress at an individualized pace. Any appointments to be made, homework to be set, comments or doubts that may arise can all be communicated by email.