The Village of Rosas is in a delightful location nestled between the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea (30km south of the border with France, 150km north of Barcelona).  The Greeks first colonized the area in the 18th century ( Rosas is twinned with Rhodes in Greece).  Much later the Romans colonised the city and tourism started in our region.  On the other side of the bay are the Ruins of Empurias where, 2000 years ago, Julius Caesar offered this picturesque area to his soldiers to enjoy in during their retirement.

Today Rosas is a dynamic town with over 20,000 inhabitants, a large fishing port and a Marina. Rosas welcomes anyone who wants to enjoy the beaches (the beach has achieved the EU Blue Flag status in recognition of its cleanliness), the ancient Ciutadella, the pleasant shopping streets, its sports and leisure facilities (water sports, golf, tennis, bowling) and its its numerous tapas bars and restaurants.