1. To pre-enroll in a course, the student must fill out the registration form and make the registration payment., that will not be returned.

2.Global payment at the beginning of the module (tutorials).

3.Payment to be made the 1st week of the month (school/adult groups).

4.The price of the books is not included.

5. The courses must be paid the first week of each month either by direct debit, transfer or cash.

6. If a student must drop out of classes, You must carry out the cancellation by email before the beginning of the following month so that the fee for the current month is not charged.

7. Group classes are between 4 Y 12 people. If the group shrinks throughout the course, Prestige Idiomas Internacional reserves the right to reduce weekly class hours.

8. In the hypothetical case of a force majeure situation (sanitary or of any other nature) that would prevent us from doing the classes in person, we would immediately move on to online training or, failing that, we would postpone them.

9. The duration of the classes is 60 minutes.

10. The Prestige Idiomas school calendar is the school calendar for the current year.

11. Prestige Idiomas Internacional will ensure that face-to-face classes are taught in compliance with current regulations on hygiene prevention. If the situation requires it, the face-to-face classes can be taught online without the cost of the course being modified.

12. The student has read and understood the above conditions, and accepts them.